Free Financial Calculator for Cash Flow Notes!

Is the best financial calculator now free?

If you struggle with calculating cash flow notes on the HP12C , HP10B, or the Texas Instrument BAII then you will want to check out this great offer!

Advanced Seller Data Services (ASDS), a leading provider of marketing lists for seller carried notes, has released a series of free financial tools for note brokers and note buyers.

Here’s a sneak peak at the power behind these calculators from a recent ASDS press release:

Tool #1 – A Financial Calculator to Find the Missing Variable in a Cash Flow Note!

  • Greater ease of use and faster than the HP12C or other calculators.
  • Allows user to instantaneously confirm information provided by note seller is correct.
  • Provides user with feedback on which variable is being solved.
  • Gives warning message and possible solutions when inputted variables cannot compute correctly.
  • An automatic note quote system to quickly calculate full and partial bids as determined by the user.
  • A Net Sum calculator to find the present value of a series of partial payments.

Tool #2 – A “Simple” Amortization Calculator

  • Creates an amortization table for straight line mortgages.
  • Calculates schedule on exact day or 360 day basis.
  • Includes columns to track loan payments and reserves.
  • Calculates loan payment for common loan terms for any loan amount and interest rate.

Tool #3 – A “Complex” Amortization Calculator for Irregular Cash Flows

  • Allows user to input in any date order:

8 interest rate changes and

12 payment amount changes and

12 bump payments

  • Calculates schedule on exact day or 360 day basis.
  • Includes columns to track loan payments and reserves.
  • Calculates repayment amount for common loan terms.

The only requirement to run the programs is Excel 2007 or higher installed on your computer. An Excel 2003 version is also available by request.

Programming the Excel worksheets with financial calculations is similar to the exclusive proprietary programming ASDS uses to identify seller carry back notes out of millions of recorded documents each year.

“Creating these programs to help our customers become more profitable was a natural progression of the services we offer” said Scott Arpan, owner of ASDS.

You’ll be happy to know that ASDS is committed to keeping these programs available to note brokers and note buyers at no cost.  The motivation?  They would like to have you keep coming back to the site and consider their list services for finding cash flow notes.

These tools may be downloaded for free at

I’ve already downloaded my version and have been putting it to the test with these examples from Buying Mortgage Notes: 7 Tips for Calculating Cash Flow Notes!  You’ll be glad to know they are matching to the penny!

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