Best of Notes 2020

The Best Of The Note Industry. Will your favorite company come out on top in 2020? Trophy for Best of Note Investing 2020

Can you believe that 2020 is soon coming to a close? Before we button it up and turn our focus to 2021 let’s find out who the BEST of the BEST are when it comes to note investing!

There are a lot of great companies in the note business: Funders, Servicing Companies, Software Providers, Due Diligence Resources, Educational Events, you name it. Many of these companies should be on your radar to help supersize your note plan in 2021.

All of the nominees are great companies but there can only be one on top at the end of the day. Vote for your favorite using the online form below!

The fine print:

  • Please celebrate what makes each note company unique by voting for your favorite.
  • Sorry, only one vote per category.
  • Think someone should have made the nomination list? Each category contains a ‘write in’ spot. To add someone to the list you just click on “Other” and then type their name in the box. You never know – they could be this year’s winner.
  • No ballot stuffing. If we suspect that you obtained your votes unfairly – via third-party vendors or by voting for yourself repeatedly using fake accounts – you’ll be disqualified. We are sure most people will be fair as we ALL want to know who should be top of our list for working with in 2021!
  • Spread the word. SHARE THIS PAGE with your business associates using this link: If you are nominated, why not let your customers know you are up for the award?
  • Votes will be accepted through Nov. 30th with results published December 8th.

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