Full or Partial Mortgage Sale? It’s All Dollars and “Sense”

Deciding whether or not to sell your mortgage note is easier when someone simply offers you a “Full” purchase. In addition to being a straightforward buyout of all the remaining payments, it also makes it easy to determine what you are receiving. For example, if you are offered $85,316 for a $100,000 balance mortgage note, you are selling the note at a $14,684 discount. That may sound like a lot, but you now have $85,316 up front rather than waiting over time to collect payments. The part that … [Read more...]

Delinquent Debt – How to Make Good Money With Bad Debt!

  For better or worse, the United States economy runs on debt.In fact consumer credit alone totals over 2.4 trillion dollars (Federal Reserve August 2009 statistical release).That doesn’t even include the big-ticket items like mortgages, commercial debt, and business loans! Now think about the state of the economy and the never ending reports on delinquencies, slow pays, and bad debt.If you are looking for the opportunity in this dismal economy.... think delinquent debt! Sound … [Read more...]