Automating Lead Flow In The Note Industry [Video]

Permission Marketing is the most understood and underutilized marketing method on the planet.

There is probably not a thriving business on this planet that does not need some sort of ‘lead pipeline’ to ensure future deals – and the note industry is no exception.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how great you are at crunching numbers, presenting winning offers, or even knowing your way around the closing documents. Matter of fact, find a deal and someone will always be waiting in the wings to do those things FOR you.

What matters is…note industry marketing lead flow

How can you find more deals?

How can you automate this process?

How can you have an invisible sales force, working 24/7 behind the scenes? 

The Answer Is Automated Funnels.

On June 13th of this year, I was asked to present my thoughts on funnels at the Note School Summer Summit. I say ‘thoughts’ but in reality, it was an outline of how to create a funnel for your business.

Whether you are looking for notes directly from note holders, trying to cultivate referral sources, or looking for investors – there is a funnel that makes it a whole lot easier.

I have been building funnels behind-the-scenes for myself and various clients for some time. The reason? They work.

This is a video of the presentation from the Summer Summit. If you want a copy of the slides as well as some other resources shown in the video you can just GO HERE (yep…it is actually a funnel). Or…skip below the video for some brief insights and screenshots.

Why Use Lead Funnels For The Note Industry?

Well, for the most part, they are like having a quiet employee behind-the-scenes answering questions and building a relationship 24/7.

It is like starting a conversation without ever saying a word.

Funnels allow you to…

  • Capture and cultivate new leads
  • Control the narrative
  • Qualify leads
  • Provide automatic followup
  • Let your lead to set the pace (People ready to act now vs later)
  • Maintain a presence with professional referrals or potential investors
  • Create a personalized experience

The key to any online funnel is the start…

…AND at the ‘start’ there are two critical stages.

  1. The ‘Bribe’
  2. The Indoctrination Period

How to Start A Successful Email Opt-In On Your Website

The ‘Bribe’ deals with what are you giving the prospect in exchange for their email?

Let’s face it…we get it…if I give you my email, you are going to send me stuff. In order for me to get an email from someone, I need to provide them an incentive. Something of value that I will give them in exchange for their contact info.

Keep in mind, the MORE info you try to get at the sign-up stage, the lower the number of people that will opt-in.

I typically only ask for First Name and Email.

optin email for note selling

The next stage is critical and it is where most people trying to run an email campaign make mistakes.

The person that just signed up for your ‘bribe,’ in the above case a special report, doesn’t know me from Adam. My next couple of communications are critical.

The VERY FIRST email to them is to confirm that they received the report (they are automatically taken to the download after they input their name and email (above) but many people miss it.

The next FOUR – SIX emails MUST provide continued funnel sequence note buyers

Before I drop the lead into my general email marketing (eletters or whatever) I need to make sure the prospect has been through this indoctrination sequence. I set the foundation of providing value…not selling them on something.

Once they have completed that part where I tell them who I am, how I can help them, and provide them valuable content, I can move them into the rest of the ongoing marketing campaign…

email marketing funnel note investing

I go into much more detail in the video above but let me leave you with just another quick thought.

Do Not Email Spam Anyone.



Sure, it can be tempting to purchase a list, manually add people, etc etc. – Just don’t do it.

I send thousands of emails every week.

Yes, some people opt-out because they are no longer interested in what I am telling them…even if it does have value…they have moved on to something else.

Yes, some people even report my email as spam*.

*They are doing this by mistake of course. The fact is, I can go into their record and see exactly when they opted in for something. A download, a report, a video series. As I said, we don’t spam anyone and neither should you. 

That’s it. Watch the video and if you would like to set up a personal demo, you can check out this page.  I’ll walk you through using the lead flow system we personally use for our note investing business.


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