You Are Not Alone In The Note Business

note business trainingsI am not going to lie, it really sucks doing things on your own.

I suppose there is some person in this world that would like nothing more than to be left alone, sit in a room, and learn the note industry…but I doubt at the end of the day they would be very good at it.

When I look back over my note business career, there were several quantum leaps.

Each of these leaps was less about solitude and more about interaction…interaction that stimulated action.

When I started, I was learning how to buy and broker notes in books. Although I was interested in the note industry…it made for some pretty heavy reading. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a complex industry, but if I am going to do some reading…I want action!

Much later I was able to work closely with someone who did trainings live. Mostly presentations to small groups of private investors or real estate people, but I learned more “live” than I ever learned in books.

I think the “live” training aspect is why video training is so popular now. You have all the benefits of learning something “live” but you don’t have the expense of traveling somewhere, paying for a hotel, and taking time off.

I think video also allows you to learn at your own pace. If you don’t want to cram everything into 3-4 days…you don’t have to.

The key component often missing in note industry video trainings is the ability to get answers to your questions.

When we started Finding Cash Flow Notes Training, we wanted all the benefits of being “live,” – including getting answers to your questions. (We accomplish this by having a Q&A section below every video that we personally answer.)

This is not to sell you on taking Finding Cash Flow Notes Training…frankly, most of the people reading this probably already have. There is a reason it is the number one course of its kind. No, this is to remind you to…

1. Tap in to what you already have and

2. Do the same in your marketing

So, for the first part, IF you are reading this and have taken the training, get in there already! Re-watch some videos, send in your marketing pieces for review, and ask questions!

The second part is a bit more important to your bottom line.

IF this is how we learn…how we prefer to obtain information, what makes you think that your note seller is any different?

How is your note marketing right now? How do you contact note sellers?

Are you reaching out to the note seller in a way that they feel they are getting questions answered? Are they able to get information when it is convenient for them (like 24/7 on a website)?

Model your note marketing in the same manner as you like to be marketed to and you can build a winning campaign.


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