The Need for a Solid Note Business Website

I think we can all agree that the web is not a “fad” nor is it going anywhere in our lifetime.

I think it is also safe to say that there really is not any business on this earth that can’t directly benefit by managing a strong web presence. That of course applies to the note business!

So what stops note brokers from creating a web presence that can help them

Find Cash Flow Notes and Get More Business?

Here are a few “objections” that keep people from getting deals online.

“I am in a people business”

Sure, I get it. You like face-to-face interaction. But how are they going to find you? Are you going to work 24/7, running around every major city, diner and Starbucks trying to connect with someone who might need your services?

A website works full-time. And the best part is once it’s properly set-up and maintained it can help people find you. Not having a website for your note business is like having a car without an engine…or tires. You can sit in your garage but no one will ever see you.

“It is too hard to build a note buyer website”

No. It is too hard to build a rocket ship – websites have come a long way. Granted, it used to be really hard and really expensive. Have the time to learn it? Go for it.

Check out anything that is WordPress related…you will be surprised and pleased with the power of this platform. (Just avoid the “free” accounts and plan on hosting it yourself).

“I built a free website from my Internet provider and it sucks”

Yea, that whole “free” thing doesn’t typically work out well does it? While there are some decent free templates out there, understand it does take some savvy and time to figure out how to make it look professional.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a professional looking site. You just need to know where to look.

“But I have Facebook”

Really, that is going to be how you plan on getting business? Hoping someone checking out your Cat Video also needs to sell a note?

Look, Facebook is a blast, and you certainly need a Fan Page for your business as a form of social proof – but don’t kid yourself into thinking that it is a true lead source.

“But I have LinkedIn”

So does my grandfather but potential leads still need to go somewhere. LinkedIn is a great place for just that, linking to other people (especially professional referral sources). But in the end, they need to go somewhere to take action and that would be your website.

“I have a site, just no traffic”

Yea, we hear that a lot. Just putting up a website is only half the picture. You need to have engaging articles and a way to collect names/prospects. You can’t just build a site and forget about it. You need to add content on a consistent basis using search engine optimization techniques (another reason Word Press is a great option).

Don’t worry; it is not like you need to write a novel or anything. Just write down your most recent conversation with a prospect. Chances are these frequently asked questions could transcend into 3-4 new articles for you.

You Decide

Frankly, you are either trying to get business or you are not. If you knew that 77% of your potential customers were going to be at your local park this Saturday, would you be there? I hope so.

Well guess what? They are all on the Internet!

According to Internet World Stats that’s the percentage people in the US that are online (and it is only growing) – so find a way to talk to them!

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