Find Cash Flow Notes – 3 List Building Strategies

Contacting note holders offering to pay cash for note payments is a winning cash flow business marketing strategy.

But how do you create a list of people interested in selling cash flow notes?

Here are three methods for building your list:

Method #1- DIY County Records

When a property is owner financed the documents are usually recorded in the county records. These records are available to the public and can be viewed in person at the county recording office. Even better, many counties now offer access to records online.

What are you looking for?

The first step is to identify a transaction where the party receiving payments is an individual and NOT a bank or mortgage company.

Next, copy down their name, mailing address, property address, and amount of the real estate note. Depending on the documents recorded, this will be:

MortgageMortgagee is receiving payments on cash flow note

Deed of TrustBeneficiary is receiving payments on real estate note

Land ContractSeller or Vendor is receiving payments on a contract for deed

The Do-It-Yourself approach is a tedious and time-consuming way to find cash flow notes. Keep reading for some simpler list building strategies.

Method #2 – List Service

There are list services that do all the grunt work for you. Actually, they use computer software to download the information directly from the county records. For as little as 12 cents a record you can import the data into an excel spreadsheet and be ready to print mailing labels for your postcards or letters.

A word of caution – verify the list service is a direct provider that supplies mailing lists for a variety of real estate professionals. Here’s a link to the company we personally use to find cash flow notes.

I’ve spent endless hours going through dusty courthouse records and hands-down prefer using a list service. The only time I’d consider the DIY method is for one of the few counties that are not offered through a reliable list service.

Method #3 – Email List

Another option is to forget the snail mail and start building an email list. Visitors to your web site can opt-in to receive your free monthly eletter. To encourage participation offer a free downloadable report, with helpful tips on increasing the value of their real estate note.

The months of September through November are some of the busiest for buying and selling cash flow notes. Use these dog days of summer to build your list and start the fall season off with a strong marketing campaign.

About Tracy Z

Tracy combines her knowledge of cash flow notes with the power of marketing online to help grow your business! She can be reached at 1-888-999-7905 or at Exposure One Marketing.


  1. i think i got how to find notes but who do i make the sale to and how do i know i will get a percentage and they wont kick me the middle man out of deal

  2. I also have been doing the Russ Dalby program and haven’t had the time with my current job to be able to go talk with people on selling their notes. I currently do courthouse research for my job and have lists of Land Contracts. Is there any way to just sell these lists of names and notes to other companies or individuals looking to buy lists? I would love to be able to do the notes myself and make extra money but just do not have the time and if it would be worth just selling the list to make some more money that would be great.

    • Hello Mike,

      One idea is to market your list to other note brokers and note buyers. They are pretty easy to find with an internet search turning up thousands of results. I will caution that most note brokers successful with direct mail buy lists directly from the larger national lead sellers for as low as 6-12 cents per seller financed note holder name. However, many of the larger lead companies don’t provide names from smaller counties where the recording data feed is not easily obtained via computer downloads. Perhaps a boutique approach where you offer the names in counties that are NOT being offered by the “big guys” would get their attention and demand a higher price point.

      Thanks for reading and commenting at Note Investor!

  3. Theresa Kaine says

    I have been a member of Russ Dalby’s course for several years, I think I need a list because I have not made any money so far. What can I do, I have very little money I’m unemployed? Please Help.

    Theresa Kaine

    • Hello Theresa,

      The cash flow business relies on finding the notes with targeted marketing and working with reliable investors. Mailing letters and postcards to verified note holders is a proven method for finding notes. The challenge lies in 1) the cost 2) using an effective message and 3) the quality of your list.

      Since mailing to a list is a more expensive form of marketing and money sounds like it is tight, you may want to consider methods that take more of your time than your dollars. This might be reverse ad marketing and building referral relationships. We encourage you to read the many articles here on our site (including How Can I Find Cash Flow Notes). You may also want to check out our new online training Finding Cash Flow Notes.

  4. i want to pay for this program with my credit card please advise not a paypal member

    • Hello David and thanks for your interest.

      We are only set up to accept credit cards through Paypal for our downloadable real estate notes training programs. It is free for you to create an account and it protects from anyone having your credit card information.

      If you prefer to not use Paypal, another option would be to mail a check or money order made payable to Diversified Investment Services, Inc. and we can email you the download link upon receipt.

      Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


      Tracy Z. Rewey
      Diversified Investment Services, Inc.
      7512 Dr. Phillips Blvd. #50-250
      Orlando, FL 32819

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