How to Negotiate Cash Flow Notes

One of the more popular questions, after “How do I find notes?” is “How do I negotiate with a note holder?” Since the cash flow business affords consultants the ability to determine their own fee, many new note brokers feel challenged on how to present an offer. These 5 tips should help you be that much closer to closing the deal! … [Read more...]

Find Cash Flow Notes – 3 List Building Strategies

Contacting note holders offering to pay cash for note payments is a winning cash flow business marketing strategy. But how do you create a list of people interested in selling cash flow notes? … [Read more...]

How Much Money Will I Make in the Cash Flow Business?

              It’s a fair question. We find it’s the most popular with someone just starting out with cash flow notes. It’s also the most difficult to answer. Nobody wants to just hear, “Well, that depends.” So here are … [Read more...]