Building Your Note Business Requires Putting One Foot Forward

There are many types of people who go into the Note Business – different ages, different interests, and different motivations.

Note Business One Foot ForwardYou can sit around guessing the level of success each will get in the beginning but experience has taught me that this is not possible.

I have seen well-educated people do nothing. I have seen seemingly “unqualified” people enter the note business and rise to the top.

So, what does it take to succeed?

Although there are a million variables that people will banter back and forth, I bring it down to one thing.

Those that do something and those that don’t!

I know, it sounds pretty basic but that does not make it any less factual. The only way to succeed is to try something…take action.

When someone is struggling to get his or her cash flow business to the next level I can usually figure out the problem in two minutes during a phone call. I mean, really. There are only so many variables to begin with.

If I was to create a course of action for anyone interested in succeeding, here is what I would say…

“Educate yourself on the note business as much as possible but then take action.”

Many people complained they could not find “real world” information about buying or brokering notes. It is why we created the Finding Cash Flow Notes Training – and we didn’t hold anything back. That takes care of the issue of learning about the industry.

The next thing is to simply do what others have done before you. (Check out this article where 10 Experts Weigh in on Finding Real Estate Notes for over 200 years of experience.) You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. You just need to take action and do SOMETHING!

Sure, you will modify and tweak your business as you go along – but guess what? That is just part of running ANY business – including a note business.

Too many people sit on the sidelines because they are afraid to do something. They never have enough time, money, or courage.

My question to those people is…

What if it works?

What if the concentrated effort you put into your business is successful?

What if you earn extra money and have more free time?

Seems to me that it’s worth taking action and putting one foot forward.

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