Are You Quitting The Last 41 Miles Of Your Note Business?

I wonder how successful a Daytona 500 driver would be if they just quit the last forty-one miles? I mean, go full-out, committed the first 459 miles, and then stayed in the pits while the people on the track completed the last forty-one miles. It is kind of the way I look at the month of December for the Note Business. It is so easy for me to get distracted between Thanksgiving and New Years that I often write off the whole time. The fact of the matter is that if I “check out” from … [Read more...]

10 Mistakes Note Brokers Shouldn’t Make

What does it take to be successful brokering real estate notes? Start by avoiding these 10 Mistakes Note Brokers Shouldn't Make! Over the past two decades, I've had the benefit of seeing the note business from a wide perspective. From start-up home based broker to Assistant Vice President of Metropolitan Mortgage, President of the Cash Flow Association, and co-owner of Diversified Investment Services, I have participated as a broker, investor, and educator. I could spend hours discussing … [Read more...]

Trying to Cash In On Brokering One Big Note? Think Again.

What if you could broker one note and make a big commission? How many of those notes would you need to do a year? Matter of fact, I know that some people reading this right now have just this philosophy. Some brokers or consultants will target larger notes in hopes of a big payday. After all, less work and more money sounds incredibly attractive, doesn’t it? The fact of the matter is that if you are focused only on higher balance notes you will most likely never make the money you are … [Read more...]

How Can I Learn Note Brokering and Investing?

The questions on brokering or investing in notes usually start with the fundamentals. Before asking about the money that can be made or the lifestyle that goes with the industry, people want to know: Do you need some level of experience or education to succeed in the note industry? Do you need a specific college or trade degree? Can you learn as you go? Can you find great information at a reasonable cost? When I look around the note industry I see a variety of backgrounds. Sure, there … [Read more...]

Is a Note Brokering Business Right For You?

Let’s face it; there are a million different jobs and occupations out there. Finding the right one that meshes with both your personality and income desires can be tough. Search long enough and you will come across the cash flow industry – or in this case – specifically the segment of the industry where people by and sell private mortgage notes. Let’s take a minute and separate some of the hype from the facts and try to portray a typical “day in the life” of a note broker to help you … [Read more...]

Building Your Note Business Requires Putting One Foot Forward

There are many types of people who go into the Note Business - different ages, different interests, and different motivations. You can sit around guessing the level of success each will get in the beginning but experience has taught me that this is not possible. I have seen well-educated people do nothing. I have seen seemingly “unqualified” people enter the note business and rise to the top. So, what does it take to succeed? Although there are a million variables that people will … [Read more...]

Who’s on First?

Understanding the players in an owner financed transaction makes for profitable relationships. Here we explore the four primary team members along with common industry terminology.   … [Read more...]