The Seller Financing Solution – Note Investor Radio Interview

Note Investor Radio InterviewWhy is seller financing on the rise?

It provides a main street solution to a wall street problem.

If you are wondering how to use real estate notes to achieve your goals in this tough economy then you will want to catch the audio replay of the Note Investor radio interview.

Last Tuesday we tuned in with Lisa Moren Bromma of Wise Women Radio to discuss the opportunities available to buyers, sellers, investors, and note brokers using owner financing.  Here is just a sampling of the hard hitting questions she posed:

  • You talk about solving the problems of main street that wall street created. What have you seen through the years in the lending business and how does your company solve these problems?
  • What does it take to be a note investor in today’s tough market?
  • What is the most difficult part in brokering or buying private mortgages that one must watch out for?
  • How do you qualify your investors? How do you qualify the borrower of the note?
  • Can investors use their IRAs to buy seller financed notes? How does one go about buying a note for their IRA?
  • You have developed a strong following as someone who knows her craft. Tell us about your online presence, what you offer to those who are interested in learning the note business in today’s upside down real estate market.
  • How do you keep up-to-date with industry changes and laws like the HUD Safe Act and Dodd-Frank Law?
  • Do you have any recommendations on how people can educate themselves?
  • You have been so successful where many of our peers have failed. What is your secret?
  • Can you give us 3 basic ways to find mortgages?
  • You are in business with your husband Fred. Is it difficult to work together? What is the secret to working and maintaining a solid personal relationship/marriage.
  • What’s next for you in business and in life?

Many of you already know Lisa Moren Bromma as both a marketing expert and long time note buyer / real estate investor.  She’s also a published author and has recently started an Internet radio talk show entitled Wise Women Radio.  It was fun to be interviewed by Lisa and I encourage you to listen to the free audio replay.

You can also check out the archived talk shows with past interview participants.  It is a great way to pick up ideas at no cost! All it takes is just a small investment of your time! You can listen to the Note Investor interview and others at:



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