Starting Your Own Note Business? Better Have a Lot of Quarters In You!

I’m often asked what it takes to have a successful business buying and selling notes. Well my new answer might just surprise you…

Starting Your Note BusinessYou Need a Lot of Quarters In You!

What?!?!? Quarters? Yes, and let me explain.

Remember the mechanical rides they used to have outside the grocery stores? Well when our daughter was small she loved to ride the pony after a trip to the store. She knew it took a quarter to take that unmoving hunk of metal and turn it into a spirited stallion galloping across a field to jump a 4 foot fence.

That was three minutes of unbridled joy! If she was lucky she had more than one quarter to drop into the slot and bring that bay back to life.

Besides knowing the value of a quarter, our daughter was FULL of energy. In fact every teacher from preschool on would say, “Your daughter has a LOT of energy!” I would smile fondly and think, “You’re telling me?”

In our family whenever our daughter was wound up especially tight, we would teasingly ask her, “Who put a quarter in you?” We enjoyed all that energy but it also needed direction to keep it focused and yes, safe.

One day she came running full speed into the kitchen, screeched to a halt, and says “Mom! MOM!” in an urgent voice.

I turned around, took inventory of all body parts in one quick glance, recognized the expectant yet slightly mischievous twinkle in her eye, breathed an inward sigh of relief, and answered “What!?”

She stands to her full 5-year-old height, looks me straight in the eye, and declares,

“I have a LOT of quarters in me today!”

And boy did she! We spent that afternoon at the park climbing every hill, tree, or jungle gym to expend a small portion of the never-ending supply of quarters. How often have we all looked at a young child and said, “If only I could bottle all that energy!”

So now I say…..

Want to start your own note business? Better have a lot of quarters in you!

Your “quarters” are your motivating energy. They are the commodity that will bring your hopes and dreams to life.

They are the drive, passion, commitment, and persistence it takes to make your note business successful. And that’s not unique to the cash flow note industry. It’s true of starting any business.

About now you might be thinking…”What about real world knowledge, a proven marketing plan, negotiation prowess, calculator skills, and access to end note buyers?”

Well of course these are important but they are also easy to find in today’s digital age. We provide all of that in our Finding Cash Flow Notes Training and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home or break the bank.

But, what we can’t provide are the quarters.

These must come from deep inside you. They keep you going when you are tired or disappointed. When one deal falls through and it’s time to move onto the next. They let you ignore the “naysayers” and avoid endless hours watching TV or checking Facebook.

So where do your quarters come from? This is a personal answer but the source usually originates from a burning want that becomes a true need, like the

  • Freedom to be your own boss,
  • Desire to take control of your life,
  • Drive to secure your financial future,
  • Hope to better your family and loved ones,
  • Genuine love for what you do.

So what’s in your piggy bank? Where does your drive, passion, and motivation originate? I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts below.

About Tracy Z

Tracy combines her knowledge of cash flow notes with the power of marketing online to help grow your business! She can be reached at 1-888-999-7905 or at Exposure One Marketing.


  1. Thanks for bringing back memories of my kids in their earlier days. They would team up with their friends and persuade me to take them sledding or bike riding, depending on season and weather. Grateful to have always found “the quarters” to make that happen because invariably there is that day that becomes the last day they ask. Other things happen to distract them or they have outgrown whatever it was you shared with them…piggyback rides, bedtime stories, walks to the playground, etc..

  2. Very refreshing post. I have experimented in the note business for several notes and I feel all alone down here. No one understands the business down here in south GA, but people need help. After a lot of rejection, the quarter system really helps quantify how to organize mentally directing and measuring results. Helping the people who really need help with a flexible schedule.

    Thanks a million,


  3. Great post, I think the analogy of the quarters as a measurement for energy is an excellent metaphor. You’re right, it takes energy and unbridled passion to succeed as an entrepreneur. It takes knowledge and discipline too. I primarily do real estate investing but am increasing my activity in the note arena. The information you provide is first rate. You’re doing a great job Tracy. Thanks!

    • Thanks Augie for the positive comments. The motivational writing isn’t usually my focus but I woke up the other morning with these thoughts on my mind after fielding several calls on the topic the day prior. Being your own boss isn’t for everyone but I can’t think of having it any other way.

      Welcome to the note biz! Real estate investing and notes are a great compliment to each other – especially in the current market!

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