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Obtain Pricing on Notes in 3 Easy Steps

What is a fair price for a cash flow note in today's market? Here are 3 easy steps that brokers and sellers can use to receive pricing before they sell a note. … [Read more...]

Top 7 Benefits of Working in the Cash Flow Business

You may have heard a little about the cash flow industry in magazines, on television, or from a friend. You may be wondering if it is something right for you to pursue. Here are the top 7 benefits of working in the cash flow industry (in no particular order). 1. Work When You Want - Although working in the cash flow industry should be treated as a business, it is a flexible one. You set your hours. Are you a morning person? Ta Da, you get to work mornings! Are you a night person? Ta Da, … [Read more...]

UPDATE: First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Extends to 2010 and Expands to Existing Homeowners!

The first time home buyer tax credit has been extended to April 30, 2010 and expanded to include existing homeowners. Read the details and discover ways to use the credit for profitable real estate deals, including creative seller financing and short sales. … [Read more...]

How to Find Private Mortgage Notes

So you have completed some sort of educational training to learn how to buy or broker notes in the cash flow business. You know, a live training, a series of CDs, or a home study course. If you own the popular Personal Profit Series: Notes then you already have the proven marketing methods and materials you need. If not, you might be left wondering how to find private mortgage notes to broker or purchase for your own account. Well, finding notes really is the biggest part of the business. … [Read more...]

Note Investor Spotlight: Alaska Financial Company

Alaska Financial Company and McKinley Mortgage Co., LLC is no longer in business. … [Read more...]