Selling Mortgage Notes – Where Have All The Simos Gone?

This month’s owner financing real deal comes from our email inbox. Chances are this simultaneous closing question has been on your mind too. Question: I'm a rehabber in Florida and would like to have a company … [Read more...]

Note Investor Spotlight: Alaska Financial Company Buys Notes in 23 States!

Alaska Financial Company and McKinley Mortgage Co., LLC are using a unique private placement fund to purchase seller financed notes. Active in the cash flow business since 1989, they have funded over $61 million in private notes and loans. Note Investor (NI) recently interviewed Tobias Preston (TP), President, to learn more about the services and investment parameters offered through his company. Note brokers interested in earning commissions for the referral of notes, trust deeds, and … [Read more...]

Temporary Seller Financing

Who wants to wait for the monthly note payments to trickle in over the next 5, 15, or 30 years? It makes sense that more sellers would be willing to carry back owner financing for the buyer if they knew how to sell all or part of their note for cash shortly after closing. … [Read more...]