Russ Dalbey Lawsuit FTC Update on Winning in the Cash Flow Business

People seeking refunds from the Russ Dalbey lawsuit may just have been scammed out of money by a different company, according to an update posted by the FTC. (Editor's Note: Information on the Dalbey Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Filing can be found in the update posted at the bottom of this article.) Imagine feeling misled by an infomercial, attempting to get some money back, and losing even more hard earned dollars paid to a company claiming they could get you a refund. Sadly, this is how the … [Read more...]

Guru Rhymes With Screw You

gu·ru [goo-roo] – noun Any person who counsels or advises; mentor, or a leader in a particular field. Based on the definition above, there are several of us in the seller-financed industry that might be considered ‘gurus’. After all, we post helpful articles on websites such as this one, and offer guidance to those who ask follow up questions. We teach at industry conventions and have decades of experience buying, selling, and/or brokering real estate related cash flow notes. However, … [Read more...]

How Much Money Will I Make in the Cash Flow Business?

              It’s a fair question. We find it’s the most popular with someone just starting out with cash flow notes. It’s also the most difficult to answer. Nobody wants to just hear, “Well, that depends.” So here are … [Read more...]