Three Big Secrets to an Online Cash Flow Business

wwwHere is the real deal: Most Cash Flow Consultants DO NOT have a strong online business.

You probably know the Internet is the place to be with your cash flow business. It is open 24/7 and it can work tirelessly providing you leads and getting your name out there. You may even have a website already in place.

Chances are, if you are like most cash flow consultants, you have little presence, no presence, or horrible presence. The latter just might be the worse.

There is nothing worse than building a web page, launching it, and seeing nothing happen. Where is the traffic? Where are the leads (and consequently, the deals)?

The good news is there something you can do about it!

Although I could write an entire book about what is wrong with some sites, here are the top three things that can improve your web presence and build you more contacts right away.

1. Does the site look unprofessional? – This is just a fancy way to ask if the site is ugly. I got it, you wanted to use pink or show a picture of your granddaughter at Disney World. Go get your own personal blog and put that stuff there. If you are trying to convey you can handle financial transactions, leave the flowers and Hello Kitty pictures at home.

Searching for a professional looking website for cheap? Check out the templates provided by StudioPress. Their themes run on a WordPress blog platform (which is free). I purchased the Pro Plus All Theme package and it has paid for itself 100 times over! Sign up for StudioPress Here.

2. Do you have too many cash flows? – You and I both know we have the ability to handle many different types of cash flows, including real estate notes, factoring invoices, structured settlements, and the list goes on. Your client is only interested if we can handle their specific cash flow or need.

If I put an advertisement in the paper that said, “I mow lawns and clean pools” you might give me a call. If your website is the equivalent of, “I mow lawns, clean pools, fix cars, and perform plastic surgery” you have too much info.

Consider having a different site for each cash flow you work with (see why I said “developer package” in #1). Don’t worry about the cost. I use HostiCan – providing unlimited websites for one hosting price! Sign up for HostiCan Here.

3. Are you keeping in touch? – If you are not collecting names on the Internet and emailing useful information on a regular basis (but not too often) you are missing deals.

I use Aweber. In addition to managing your database, Aweber can split test email campaigns using different sign up forms.

Aweber is a very powerful tool that goes way beyond name collection. They also have a ton of helpful videos. Sign up Here.

Having an online cash flow business can be a very rewarding and profitable venture. But you must conduct yourself professionally and use the right tools. It took me many years to get a handle on the Internet, and many more to find the best tools. Hopefully you will find these resources as useful as I have in building your cash flow business online.

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