The Note Industry Is Not That Hard

note industry training8 out of 10 people are not going to like what I am about to say…

The note industry is not that hard. You just need someone to show you the right path.

I know that sounds insensitive, but you have to remember where I started from and why that gives me the right to comment as bluntly as I am right now.

I was living in a 500 square foot apartment. I was waiting tables at night and taking classes at a local community college during the day.

I was not a “great” student. If something interested me, I excelled. Everything else…well…let’s just say that my wall is not filled with a host of degrees.

But I did know one thing:

Follow where other people have already gone.

That was a big [ok, hard] lesson for me to learn.

I think some people don’t like to be followers. Note buyers and brokers are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, in general, go against the grain. They want to forge new ground.

It really doesn’t make sense to me.

If someone discovers gold in your backyard, are you going to look for gold in your bedroom closet or are you going to head to the backyard with some energy (and a shovel)?

Yea…I am making it sound easy – but I had to follow someone.

I learned all I could from those that were already buying and selling notes. It was a lot harder then. Very little was out there. There were few classes and no Internet to speak of. We did not have the advantage of websites or email. Leveraging, marketing wise, was a lot tougher.

Warning: These next two paragraphs sound like a sales pitch, but bear with me…

One of my goals, later in my career was to make the “education” part easier. It is why we created Finding Cash Flow Notes Training (as a write this you can get it for $297). Do I make money? Yes a few bucks, but nothing that is going to have me sitting on a beach for the rest of my life. The bigger picture was the number of deals that knowledgeable people present to us.

We did the same thing with marketing online. Develop turnkey note business websites that you can have up and running in a matter of days. Creating websites had two goals. Make it Easy and Affordable.

Now, I am not saying that you should run out and buy my training or website. There are other trainings out there (but if you can find a better one, I would love to know what it is). I am not saying buy one of our websites either. What I am saying is, “DO SOMETHING!”

The essence of the note industry is simple.

Find someone who is selling a note. Buy that note yourself (if you have the money) or broker it on to an investor (if you don’t have your own funds).

How to find notes is the million-dollar question. But here is the kicker…

There are lots of ways to find notes. Why keep trying to come up with your own way when there are PROVEN methods all laid out for you?

I am the type of person that always makes things too complex…at first. Then I strip away layers until I am dealing with just the basic needs. It is the same way we teach our Note Training, give you the tools you need to succeed – nothing less.

Getting overwhelmed?

Just remember that 50% of your DNA is the same as a banana. It helps me keep things simple 🙂

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