Note Buyer Convention by NoteWorthy Nov. 10-13, 2011

NoteWorthy is holding their 25th annual note buyer and note brokers convention November 10-13, 2011, in Las Vegas at the The Palms Casino and Resort!

The Noteworthy Convention Main Event is Friday-Sunday, November 11-13th

It offers three days of sessions focusing on building wealth and generating income with seller financing, distressed assets, creative real estate investing, private lending, and more. There will be expert panel discussions, Q&A sessions, introductions to key vendors, and networking events throughout.

They are currently offering Early Bird Registration for $399 until October 16th with several “Early Bird” Bonus Items:

1) The NoteWorthy Pre-Convention Workshop on Thursday, November 10th

A half-day workshop that runs from 1-5 pm will be taught by Note industry veterans. This ‘Making Money with Notes 101’ workshop is geared towards new note brokers or investors wanting a refresher course in the economic fundamentals of note buying.

 2) $477 in proprietary software for your note business

 3)  Discounts on additional spouse or partner tickets

The convention will focus on turning a down real estate market into a viable note business by harnessing the power of seller financing and private mortgage notes. We all know real estate investing in most markets is pretty tough right now. Here are just a few of the challenges:

  • You can’t count on property appreciation anymore. In fact, most investors LOST equity in their properties over the past 3-5  years.
  •  You can’t count on you (or your buyers) getting financed by the banks.
  • Short sales flips are pretty much DOA.
  • It’s tough to get private money for your deals.

We could go on and on, but we all know the challenges already, right?  After all, they are the reasons we are seeing seller financing making a huge comeback.

You can view the full NoteWorthy Convention Video here.

(Spoiler alert…..the secret niche is….the note business!)


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