Note Broker Marketing – Don’t Forget to Keep in Touch

People forget…plain and simple.

Hopefully not your family or close friends, but when it comes to business associates, they forget. It is your ability to “remind” them (in a subtle way) about who you are and what you do that gets to be a bit tricky (and the key to getting future business!)

Whether you are trying to keep in touch with a potential note seller or simply a referral source, how you approach these people can be an art. You don’t want to be annoying, but you want them to think of you first when the need arises.

So how do you do it?

Depending on the amount of people you need to touch base with, you might just pick up the phone and call them. I know, strange idea in the fast moving technology world, but it can be effective.

If you are going to go the calling route, it is usually best to keep it brief (you don’t want them avoiding your call in the future). Something as simple as just “letting you our company is here if you need our services” might just be all you need to do.

If you have numerous potential clients, phone calls may prove to be a bit overwhelming. Then what?

Personally, I prefer email updates in the form of a “newsletter.”

First off, it is important to remember that the updates should be informational in nature – not just a constant “pitch” getting them to do business with you. It is OK to “sell” in your eletters – particularly if you have some sort of “deal” going on at the time…just not all the time. Nobody likes to be “sold” over and over again.

I like email because it is easy and very efficient.

We use a company called Aweber (this email comes from using their system). They provide numerous ways to stay in touch with my customers and provide them continuous value (without breaking the bank).

Whether you use Aweber, another company, or try to manually send from your own computer – you want to continue to “remind” people you are out there. Someday they will most likely need your service and the constant value and information you have been sending them will not go unnoticed.

When was the last time you contacted your potential clients and/or customers? In this recovering market, now just might be the best time.

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