Five Tips To Keep Your Note Business Professional

Certainly the most popular question among note brokers (experienced and otherwise) is, “How can I find more notes?”

What many people don’t ask is, “How can I have a professional note business?”

Professional Note BusinessThe reason I think this is important is that one can impact the other. Keep you business professional and, surprisingly enough, some deals will actually find you.

So, how do you make sure you have a “professional” image in the marketplace? Make sure you are following these…

5 Tips for a Professional Note Business

1. Do What You Say

It seems like such a simple thing. If you say you are going to call someone at 3:00pm, you call at 3:00pm. If you can’t make that time, you call them and let them know (in advance). The same goes for meeting someone in person. Not to overstate the obvious, but you will be judged on what you said you would do more than what you didn’t address at all. – Be a person known for keeping their word.

2. Follow-up In Writing

Sure, most note deals will be made on the phone. The initial info gathering all the way to an offer. But…even if the note seller turns you down on the phone, you should ALWAYS follow-up your offer in writing. It makes it real. I have had many sellers say “no” and stuff that written offer in a desk…only to sell to me at a later date.

3. Avoid the “Freebees”

I think it is great you can jump on to and print up some business cards. Just pony up the extra couple bucks and lose the “Printed by VistaPrint” on the back of your card. It just looks cheesy. And while I am on the subject, avoid printing your cards on your own printer. That card stock is just too thin to be impressive. The same is true for free websites (if you are looking for great note site ideas, check out

4. Muzzle the Dog*

Too many times I have heard someone on a phone call and heard a dog barking in the background, kids yelling, or the television on. Really? This is how you want to present yourself? Make sure you are in a quiet place when you either accept or return a call.

*When I think about getting rid of all background noise, I call it “Muzzle the Dog.” Saying “Muzzle the Kids” would just get me in trouble with someone I am sure.

5. Dress The Part

Ok, I get that you can do this business in a pair of pajamas in front of your computer. That does not make it the right thing to do. Put on some big boy pants and start dressing the part, even at home. No, you don’t have to put on that three-piece suit, but at least make an effort. I know it sounds stupid, but I swear to this day sellers can “hear” what you are wearing in your voice. Furthermore, if you are meeting someone in person; never be the least dressed – business casual for the minimum is always a good call (especially for your first meeting).

There you have it. Five tips or rules that will elevate you above 80% of all the  so-called “professionals” out there – in any industry.


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