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Can You Please Define Private Mortgage Notes?

Is there a difference between the definition of a private mortgage note and a seller financed note? Better yet, does it even matter? A recent subscriber's questions are answered. "I am getting confused with - what is a private mortgage note and a seller finance note. They both seem the same. A private mortgage note is a note that someone is holding on what was sold. A seller finance note sounds like the same thing to me - a note on property sold and is holding the note? What … [Read more...]

You, Us, Dallas, and $100 – Noteworthy Summit April 18-20, 2013

We'd like to invite you to join us at the... Noteworthy Summit on April 18-20, 2013 in Dallas, TX Here's a quick recap of the upcoming event: One, we are going to be personally presenting at this mid-year summit for Note Brokers, Buyers, and Investors. Two, this event is sure to be a big success, so if you are anywhere in the area, you are going to want to attend. If you are not in the area, you now have a reason to be there! Three, be one of the first and save $100.¬† We just found … [Read more...]

FNAC Offers New Competitive Pricing to Note Brokers

First National Acceptance Company, a subsidiary of First National Bank of America, has been purchasing performing real estate notes nationwide for over 55 years. We now offer more competitive pricing on higher credit transactions and we continue to pay all closing costs. We've included a sampling of some of our recent broker closings. If you have any notes that you would like to discuss, please give me a call today or send an email. You can check out our webpage at … [Read more...]

Does This Financial Calculator Make Me Look Old?

If you plan to buy mortgages or want to take your note broker business to the next level then learning your way around a financial calculator is a big plus. As many of you know, Fred and I are a house divided when it comes to... ¬†Choosing the Best Financial Calculator. Fred likes the Texas Instrument Financial Analyst and I am a die-hard HP12C user.¬† Recently a fellow HP calculator fan read that past article and wrote in with some great information. In the process I found out my … [Read more...]

Why In The World Do Sellers Offer Owner Financing?

Why would anyone who owns a piece of real estate outright ever consider taking on the role traditionally held by banks and agree to sell their property in exchange for a mortgage note payable to them over time? Why accept a promissory note instead of cash? Why in the world would sellers offer to owner finance? Owner Financing = Higher Interest Rate Potential One key benefit to a seller who opts to finance for the buyer is the potential for getting paid a much higher yield on their equity … [Read more...]