Get Reliable Pricing When Selling a Mortgage Note!

Wondering whether to trust the pricing for the sell of a mortgage or land contract? Here’s how to know if it’s a firm offer or just a soft quote when going to sell a private mortgage note. … [Read more...]

How Falling Home Prices Hurt When Selling Mortgages

Try to sell a mortgage note lately? Chances are the pricing was hit by property value in one of three ways. … [Read more...]

Note Buyer Success Story

Canyon Capital has been added to the Directory of Owner Financed Note Buyers. Discover a new investor listing and read how the owner went from start-up note broker to note buyer in just a few short years. Note Investor (NI) recently interviewed Greg Gehlen (GG) to learn more about his note buying programs. Canyon Capital specializes in mobile homes on land and pays fees to cash flow brokers for the purchase of notes, trust deeds, and contracts. NI: What is the current focus of your … [Read more...]

Note Investor Spotlight: Alaska Financial Company Buys Notes in 23 States!

Alaska Financial Company and McKinley Mortgage Co., LLC are using a unique private placement fund to purchase seller financed notes. Active in the cash flow business since 1989, they have funded over $61 million in private notes and loans. Note Investor (NI) recently interviewed Tobias Preston (TP), President, to learn more about the services and investment parameters offered through his company. Note brokers interested in earning commissions for the referral of notes, trust deeds, and … [Read more...]

Looking for Note Buyers and Investors?

Then mark your calendar for the 23rd Annual NoteWorthy Convention to be held November 10-12, 2009, in San Diego, CA. Note buyers from across the country are looking to develop business through note brokers at this once a year event. You will have the chance to participate in professional workshops, informative roundtable discussions, and face-to-face informal gatherings with investors.  Learn to sell, broker, or buy owner financed notes, mortgage, trust deeds, and real estate … [Read more...]

Verify Taxes and Insurance

Worried the buyer won’t make payments?   Understandably, this is a common concern by sellers using owner financing.  After all, an owner financed note is one of the seller’s most valuable assets.  Unfortunately so many sellers fail to protect their asset when it comes to verifying current property insurance and taxes. … [Read more...]