Cash Back Bonus From Note Buyer Alaska Financial

Alaska Financial has announced a special cash back Winter Blitz incentive program for note brokers. Here are the details from their recent Elite Partner Newsletter: - 1% Cash back on $500,000 or under - 1.5% Cash back on $500,001 or more - From now until the end of December 2012 they will pay up to 1.5% cash back on the accumulated funded principle.* - Quotes must close by December 31, 2012. *Only Alaska Financial Company Approved Elite Partner (EP) can be considered for the Winter … [Read more...]

What is Due Diligence?

Before a note investor will pay cash to a seller for future payments, they perform what is called “due diligence”. This is really just a fancy word for research.  You can simplify the process by being prepared for these common requirements. … [Read more...]