FNAC Offers New Competitive Pricing to Note Brokers

First National Acceptance Company, a subsidiary of First National Bank of America, has been purchasing performing real estate notes nationwide for over 55 years. We now offer more competitive pricing on higher credit transactions and we continue to pay all closing costs. We've included a sampling of some of our recent broker closings. If you have any notes that you would like to discuss, please give me a call today or send an email. You can check out our webpage at www.fnacusa.com/brokers … [Read more...]

First National Acceptance Company Buys Real Estate Notes Nationwide

First National Acceptance Company has been buying real estate notes and land contracts for over 55 years! Located in East Lansing, Michigan, FNAC is a subsidiary of First National Bank of America with nationwide purchase programs for note holders and brokers. Gary Watkins, of the Wholesale Loan Trading division, shared their current buying guidelines in this NoteInvestor.com interview. What is the note investment focus of First National Acceptance Company? Buying Performing First Liens … [Read more...]