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The State of the Note Business

Owner Financed Note Business Increases 56% since 2008! Why the big jump? More importantly, where is the opportunity for note brokers and note buyers? Call it a mini “State of the Note Industry” if you … [Read more...]

Note Business Success in Five Words

We are often asked, "How can I make it in the note business?" That usually prompts us to ask a couple of questions to understand what, specifically, they mean by the question. Some people want to … [Read more...]

Selling Mortgage Notes – Mortgage Donation Or Write Off?

Someone wants to sell their mortgage note but they haven't received payments for a year, are in second position, or facing foreclosure. They need help but what can be done? Here is an option for non performing mortgage notes you might not have heard about...donating to charity.  Our guest author works with a non profit organization with a unique solution to defaulted notes. (Editor's Note: This article is not intended as legal or tax advice.  Please seek the assistance of a competent … [Read more...]

Should I Use a Full or Partial When Selling Mortgage Notes?

There are many options when selling owner-financed mortgage notes. How many options will be largely dictated by a note buyer’s underwriting components, such as seasoning on the note, down payment, equity, and the payer’s credit. You can usually sell the entire note, but perhaps just selling a specific number of payments is your best option. Deciding on whether to sell the full balance of the mortgage note or to consider a partial really comes down to three things. 3 Questions When Selling … [Read more...]