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Note Broker Fees In The Cash Flow Business

How much can a note broker make on a deal? That's the short summary of a cash flow business question we received last week from a Note Broker. It was an earnest inquiry and we wanted to share our answer in this edition of Real Deals! I was just visiting your site and wanted to know what a fair % of cash flow a broker can expect from a performing package deal? There are buyers wanting a performing MHP package I have available with only 2-3 yrs. to maturity and the smaller lender wants to … [Read more...]

Calculating Cash Flow Notes and a Contest!

I have written before about how note buyers accelerate payments on cash flow notes. One such strategy was the Double Your Payment/Cut The Interest Rate in Half. Another method is to simply go for an Early Payment With Incentive. To this day, the following situation is still my favorite example of this method. It was late December and we were looking at a small note with a $10,000 balance. The payment was only $132.15 per month with a 10% interest rate and 120 payments left. The note … [Read more...]

New Finding Cash Flow Notes Referral Program

Just wanted to give you a "heads up" that our new course, Finding Cash Flow Notes, was just approved and listed on Clickbank! Clickbank is the largest marketplace for selling online products. Wondering what this means to you? You can create a free account at Clickbank and get your very own referral link for Finding Cash Flow Notes. This link can be sent to friends, co-workers, and even posted on Twitter or Facebook. When people purchase the course using your unique link, you get 50% … [Read more...]