Archives for April 2010

Get Reliable Pricing When Selling a Mortgage Note!

Wondering whether to trust the pricing for the sell of a mortgage or land contract? Here’s how to know if it’s a firm offer or just a soft quote when going to sell a private mortgage note. … [Read more...]

Fighting to Preserve Owner Financing with the National Association to Protect Private Property Rights

What is Your Livelihood Worth? It’s not a ridiculous question. As you read this, governmental agencies are actively working to eliminate all but the most basic form of owner financing without being a licensed mortgage originator. Now industry leaders have joined efforts in the creation of an association to protect property owners, home buyers, and professionals in the seller-financed industry. … [Read more...]

How Falling Home Prices Hurt When Selling Mortgages

Try to sell a mortgage note lately? Chances are the pricing was hit by property value in one of three ways. … [Read more...]

Land Contract Buyer Sells Without Owner’s Consent – Real Deal #157

Our readers are the best source of real deals! Here is one seller's request for answers when dealing with a sneaky delinquent buyer that sold without consent. … [Read more...]

Note Broker Marketing – Don’t Forget to Keep in Touch

People forget…plain and simple. Hopefully not your family or close friends, but when it comes to business associates, they forget. It is your ability to “remind” them (in a subtle way) about who you are and what you do that gets to be a bit tricky (and the key to getting future business!) Whether you are trying to keep in touch with a potential note seller or simply a referral source, how you approach these people can be an art. You don’t want to be annoying, but you want them to think of … [Read more...]