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How I Turned $24.80 into $15,540 on One Mobile Home Note – Real Deal #156

Welcome to Real Deals! It’s always easier to learn from real life so here we share information from actual owner financed transactions. Sometimes it takes creative thinking to find the opportunity in a transaction. See how $24.80 was turned into $15,540 with a little time and know how. … [Read more...]

Become Your Own Investor!

“You can make a living brokering notes but you get wealthy owning notes!” This statement from a pioneer real estate note investor provided one of those “light bulb” moments. Determined to start owning notes, I left a ten-year “job” in the corporate note buying world to start my own note business in 1997. Note ownership and long-term interest income are truly attainable with little to no investment of your own cash funds. But how does a note broker or real estate investor start making the move … [Read more...]

Full or Partial Mortgage Sale? It’s All Dollars and “Sense”

Deciding whether or not to sell your mortgage note is easier when someone simply offers you a “Full” purchase. In addition to being a straightforward buyout of all the remaining payments, it also makes it easy to determine what you are receiving. For example, if you are offered $85,316 for a $100,000 balance mortgage note, you are selling the note at a $14,684 discount. That may sound like a lot, but you now have $85,316 up front rather than waiting over time to collect payments. The part that … [Read more...]

Looking for Note Buyers and Investors?

Then mark your calendar for the 23rd Annual NoteWorthy Convention to be held November 10-12, 2009, in San Diego, CA. Note buyers from across the country are looking to develop business through note brokers at this once a year event. You will have the chance to participate in professional workshops, informative roundtable discussions, and face-to-face informal gatherings with investors.  Learn to sell, broker, or buy owner financed notes, mortgage, trust deeds, and real estate … [Read more...]

Here is your Free Report!

    Congrats! You Are IN!   <----Click on the Book   *If you are unable to open the book, you can download a free copy of Adobe reader here                 … [Read more...]

Advertise With Note Investor!

Big News, Even Bigger Opportunity For Business! has quickly become the online information source for note sellers, note brokers, and real estate investors. With over 20,000 page views each month, offers exclusive and up-to-date content that keeps readers returning for more. What does this mean to you? Now that we have built consistent traffic for the past 16 months and boast over 100 unique articles, we are pleased to offer a limited number of … [Read more...]

Directory of Owner Financed Note Buyers and Service Providers

Sometimes it is not only what you know, but who you know. Knowing the right people can not only make things easier, in the case of the 2013 Directory of Owner Financed Note Buyers, it could also make you more money! Gain access to our personal Rolodex of experienced note professionals that took years to develop.  Work direct with knowledgeable investors, educators, and master note brokers. Order the 2013 Funder Directory for an up-to-date listing and detailed contact information for today's … [Read more...]

Personal Profit Series: Notes – Your Complete Money Making System to Buying, Referring, Creating, and Holding Real Estate Notes

"Are You Ready to Make Money in the Note Industry?" Are you searching for both immediate income and long-term cash flow as a note finder? Wondering how to buy properties without bank loans during the credit crisis? Receiving payments on a note but prefer cash now? Or, would you like to sell a property with owner financing but worried about protecting yourself? Tired of dismal returns in the stock market? Then you need the Complete Money Making System to Buying, Referring, … [Read more...]

Delinquent Debt – How to Make Good Money With Bad Debt!

  For better or worse, the United States economy runs on debt.In fact consumer credit alone totals over 2.4 trillion dollars (Federal Reserve August 2009 statistical release).That doesn’t even include the big-ticket items like mortgages, commercial debt, and business loans! Now think about the state of the economy and the never ending reports on delinquencies, slow pays, and bad debt.If you are looking for the opportunity in this dismal economy.... think delinquent debt! Sound … [Read more...]

How To Broker Life Settlements Training

Looking for one of the hottest trends in the cash flow notes industry? Note Brokers are earning lucrative fees in the Life Settlement market by helping seniors receive cash today for life insurance policies. Life insurance provides financial solutions to meet the needs of businesses and families. But over time those needs change. Many would prefer to receive cash they can spend today rather than a future payout.  Investors are willing to buy the policies and pay a referral fee to a cash … [Read more...]