Gain Privacy and Protection with Land Trusts-Part 2

Investors interested in building wealth by controlling equity in property are using the Land Trust to utilize the many benefits previously outlined in Part 1 of Gain Privacy and Protection with Land Trust. Investors often use the Land Trust as the safe and easy vehicle of preference by not awakening the institutional “sleeping giant” - the infamous due on sale clause contained in almost all Deeds of Trust and Mortgages … [Read more...]

Gain Privacy and Protection with Land Trusts-Part 1

Not everyone wants to be a public figure! Privacy and protection can be easily accomplished with the use of a land trust. … [Read more...]

Lease Option or Seller Finance?

When a real estate market turns soft the property marketing ads become peppered with offers to lease option and owner finance. Most property owners understand the seller’s market has quickly turned to a buyer’s market requiring them to think creatively and consider concessions. … [Read more...]

Need to Move a Property? Consider Owner Financing!

When a property isn’t selling most real estate agents are quick to suggest a reduction to the sales price.  It is common to see the tag line “Price Reduced” added to for sale signs, listings and ads. Rather than reducing price it pays to consider offering owner financing to sell a property quickly. … [Read more...]

Structuring Notes for Top Dollar Pricing

The terms of owner financing dramatically impact the price an investor is willing to pay should the seller ever decide to sell their note, mortgage, trust deed or contract.  Use these optimum terms to structure a seller financed transaction for top dollar pricing. … [Read more...]

Working with Private Investors

There is a squeeze on Wall Street that is leading many note buyers back to Main Street. The drought of institutional money from the sub prime mortgage crisis is creating a resurging interest in working with private investors for the purchase of seller-financed notes. … [Read more...]

The State of the Note Industry

Around the country real estate markets have softened leaving a glut of inventory, decreasing values, and extended marketing times.  The result? More sellers are offering to finance a portion of the purchase price for the buyer in an effort to “Move that House”! While sellers are motivated, lenders on the other hand are hunkering down or running scared.   In the face of the credit crunch and increasing foreclosures, lenders have tightened underwriting requirements.  Fewer loans are being … [Read more...]