Selling a Business with Owner Financing

Hoping to buy or sell a business during the credit crunch? Finding financing for a business sale can be a serious deal killer. Fortunately seller financing offers a solution to meet the challenge.  While some business buyers successfully obtain loans from banks and Small Business Administration (SBA) programs, many more are declined due to restrictive requirements. To facilitate a purchase, the seller of the business may elect to “be the bank” by accepting payments over time from the … [Read more...]

Real Deal #141 – Bagel Business Note

Welcome to Real Deals!  It’s always easier to learn from real life so here we share information from actual owner financed transactions.  Dream of owning your own business?  Seller financing helps many business owners reach this dream. Traditional bank financing can be difficult to obtain when the sale of a business does not include real estate. The Bagel Shop and Deli note highlights how owner financing can be an effective solution. … [Read more...]