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Have you heard about the Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast on iTunes? It focuses on teaching others to gain financial freedom with real estate through investor interviews. Recently the host, Mitch Stephen, interviewed me on his new podcast. Considering he is an owner financing expert himself, it was a real honor to have him share this with his listeners:

real estate investor summit“Wow let me tell you I was so impressed while we talked hearing her talk about the note business. She opened my eyes to some amazing ideas. And she shared some great stories about her 30 years in the biz.”

How to Buy, Sell, Broker or Invest in Private Mortgage Notes – Mitch Stephen, Author of 1,000 Houses and Creator of RE Investor Summit on iTunes

note investor podcastMitch is a high energy TX investor that knows how to ask questions that get to the heart of the matter.  Here’s a peak at what you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The path to starting my note business
  • The best ways to invest in and find notes
  • Why go after notes that already exist instead of creating your own — and why that’s not the only way to do it
  • Earning while you learn: getting referral fees for passing along notes to investors Investing for interest income
  • Buying notes for discounts and setting your rate of return
  • Enticing people to pay off early to increase your yield
  • Buying just a portion of notes
  • Why you don’t have to live in the cities you buy notes in — but why you should try to become a local expert too
  • Laws you need to know about that make specific states more complicated for buying notes
  • Things you need to look at before pricing out a note
  • The biggest deal nightmare I ever faced
  • The four signs of a con
  • The best deal I ever made
  • The training program that demystifies the financial calculator

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  1. Anthony Salters says

    Can’t get to the podcast. Do you know the number because if you do I can look thru the archieve and find it. Thanks

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