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How Dodd Frank Mortgage Laws Apply to Seller Financing

Save the date! New Dodd Frank laws for seller financing and mortgage loan originators take effect January 1, 2014 (*see date revision information below). While it’s not a match made in heaven it’s also not the end of the note buying world as we know it. How Seller Financing Met Dodd Frank In reaction to the mortgage crisis lawmakers passed the Dodd Frank in 2010. This act placed new requirements on loan originators. It also built upon earlier initiatives of the Safe Act of 2008. Lumped into … [Read more...]

Invest in Real Estate Or Mortgage Notes?

Sit around any after-hours event at an industry convention and you will soon find a heated debate about investing in Real Estate vs. Private Mortgage Notes. Oftentimes people are in one camp or the other (myself included). But which one is better? Well, “better” really depends on your personal investing style. Are you the kind of person that needs to see and feel the asset? Do you want to drive by the property on a regular basis to be sure that it has not burned down? Or, are you the … [Read more...]

Trying to Cash In On Brokering One Big Note? Think Again.

What if you could broker one note and make a big commission? How many of those notes would you need to do a year? Matter of fact, I know that some people reading this right now have just this philosophy. Some brokers or consultants will target larger notes in hopes of a big payday. After all, less work and more money sounds incredibly attractive, doesn’t it? The fact of the matter is that if you are focused only on higher balance notes you will most likely never make the money you are … [Read more...]