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Rare Opportunity for Today’s Note Buyers: Small Mortgage Notes

If you are just starting out in the note industry, and looking for great returns on your money, some cash in the bank certainly helps you get started as a note buyer. But what if you don’t have a lot of money to invest? What if you are just getting your feet off the ground, maybe saved a few bucks, but are certainly not “loaded” and looking to invest all your money in one big note? Small Mortgage Notes (with a rare opportunity). First off, small notes in general can often lead to bigger … [Read more...]

How Can I Learn Note Brokering and Investing?

The questions on brokering or investing in notes usually start with the fundamentals. Before asking about the money that can be made or the lifestyle that goes with the industry, people want to know: Do you need some level of experience or education to succeed in the note industry? Do you need a specific college or trade degree? Can you learn as you go? Can you find great information at a reasonable cost? When I look around the note industry I see a variety of backgrounds. Sure, there … [Read more...]

Note Buyer Burns To Learn

Ever wonder why note buyers are such sticklers for requiring proof the property is insured against fire or other hazards? Well have I got a story for you... Pulled from the archives, this Burn to Learn war story seems timely.  Why? There seems to be an influx of deals recently where property insurance is holding up closing. Nothing is a better teacher than real life experience, but perhaps I can spare you from getting burned. The Note and Trust Deed Investment It was a 1940s bungalow style … [Read more...]

Note Broker Marketing Secrets: Replicate Yourself

What if I told you there was a lab in Sweden that, for less than $400, will efficiently replicate you? Imagine your marketing efforts duplicated to help you get more note deals. Think about it. A single effort on your part is now reaching a multitude of people – all getting your message. Would you be in? If you were like most people (and me), you would say, “Yes, sign my up!” in a second. The fact of the matter is we are not talking about gene splicing or genetic surgery. Nope, we … [Read more...]