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3 Ways To Make Money and Earn Fees in the Cash Flow Business!

Many people have heard about the cash flow industry but don't really know how the average person can profit from it. There are basically three methods for handling the fees paid to cash flow brokers or consultants, as follows: 1. Referral Fee 2. Establish Your Own Fee 3. Set Commission Fee Referral Fee Pros: Very Little Paperwork/Time Cons: Typically smaller commissions Cash Flows: Most cash flows can be handled on a referral basis The Referral Fee structure is the easiest, … [Read more...]

How HUD Safe Act Will Hurt Seller Financing

Be afraid! HUD is poised to take away our rights to offer owner or seller financing on property we own. Under the Safe Mortgage Act proposal, you can only offer owner financing on the home you live in or you must become a licensed mortgage originator. Here’s how I see it. If we own a property, ANY property (whether it is our residence or not), we should be able to sell to a buyer with owner financing. HUD’s proposal is to provide an exemption to “where an individual seller provides … [Read more...]

Learn Owner Financing For Profit!

Every day people contact us asking about seller financing. Often they are interested in making money as a broker with cash flow notes. Increasingly we find it is sellers looking to sell a property fast or buyers wanting to purchase a home without a bank loan. But where do you turn for real answers that won't break the bank? … [Read more...]

Note Buyer Success Story

Canyon Capital has been added to the Directory of Owner Financed Note Buyers. Discover a new investor listing and read how the owner went from start-up note broker to note buyer in just a few short years. Note Investor (NI) recently interviewed Greg Gehlen (GG) to learn more about his note buying programs. Canyon Capital specializes in mobile homes on land and pays fees to cash flow brokers for the purchase of notes, trust deeds, and contracts. NI: What is the current focus of your … [Read more...]