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What is Time Value of Money?

  We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is Money”. But what does it really mean and why does it matter in the discounted note business?  Here’s the short and simple answer! Money today is worth more than money tomorrow due to its ability to earn interest.  The Time Value of Money concept puts a price on the amount of time an investor has to wait for an investment to mature. To illustrate, if someone offered you $50 cash today or … [Read more...]

Real Deal #150 – Repeat Business with Partial Purchases

Welcome to Real Deals!  It’s always easier to learn from real life so here we share information from actual owner financed transactions.  When a note holder sells a portion of the note they will often consider selling the remaining payments at a later date. A partial purchase can provide repeat business to both note brokers and investors similar to the experience on this vacation lot. … [Read more...]

Selling a Business with Owner Financing

Hoping to buy or sell a business during the credit crunch? Finding financing for a business sale can be a serious deal killer. Fortunately seller financing offers a solution to meet the challenge.  While some business buyers successfully obtain loans from banks and Small Business Administration (SBA) programs, many more are declined due to restrictive requirements. To facilitate a purchase, the seller of the business may elect to “be the bank” by accepting payments over time from the … [Read more...]

You Are Signed Up and Ready To Go!

All Done! In a few short minutes you will be receiving (via email) your very own copy of How to Make Money in the Cash Flow Industry. You are also part of the Note Investor “inner circle.”  This entitles you to receive free weekly updates on what is going on in the note industry including special funder interviews and real world strategies to help you excel in the cash flow business. Until then, check out the site and be sure to visit a few of our sponsors that make … [Read more...]

Wholesale or Retail?

There are two primary pricing models in the note business commonly referred to as wholesale and retail. These terms differentiate what party will be paying the costs and may also refer to who is handling the processing.  … [Read more...]