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How Congress Wants to Change Seller Financing!

Rarely does legislation have the potential to impact the world of seller financing as severely as HR 1728: Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act. This informative article by Ric Thom helps explain the ramifications of this proposed bill and what action we can take now to protect owner financing and our private property rights. … [Read more...]

How To Profit With Real Estate Tax Liens!

Interested in profiting from real estate but looking for an alternative to mortgages, foreclosures, tenants, or flipping real estate? Purchasing the right to collect on delinquent real estate taxes can be a lucrative investment even with limited capital. … [Read more...]

Owner Financed Real Deal #154 – The Buy Wholesale Sell Retail Tax Deed

Welcome to Real Deals! It’s always easier to learn from real life so here we share information from actual owner financed transactions. The seller carry back can maximize profits when buying real estate wholesale and selling retail as utilized with this Tax Deed transaction in Arkansas. … [Read more...]

Deliver an Effective Marketing Message

Before spending money on marketing for notes review your message. Effective marketing must address the needs of the note holder. This puts the attention on the customer not you. Design materials that focus on the needs and wants of the note seller rather than how great you are. Appeal to the basic human desires to have money, feel happy, save time, feel better or improve relationships. Recognize that people are generally motivated by one of two things 1) the fear of pain or 2) the pursuit of … [Read more...]

Note Marketing – How to Target Direct Mail Prospects

Mailing to a list of sellers that provided owner financing is a proven method for cultivating deals that earn commissions from note investors. But what are the best criteria for targeting a direct mail campaign in the current economic environment? This type of question flooded the email inbox after writing about the list services of Fidelity National Data Service in the article entitled Where Can I Find Owner Financed Notes? Rather than waste valuable marketing dollars, note brokers … [Read more...]

Where Can I Find Owner Financed Notes?

  It’s great to make money and earn commissions in the note business but first you must find deals!  One tried and true method of finding notes is targeting a list of existing note holders with a direct mail campaign. It sounds simple enough.  Obtain a list of note holders and mail them a letter or postcard offering to provide cash now for the purchase of future payments.  But beware, not all lists are created equal. When looking for a list source you must ask a few very important … [Read more...]

Owner Financing – How to Finance Older Mobile Homes

Have you have ever tried to finance a mobile home manufactured before 1976? You probably felt like it would be easier to sell snow cones in Antarctica! Fortunately owner financing and private mortgages offer creative alternatives for hard to finance mobile homes. … [Read more...]

Three Challenges to Mobile Home Loans

If you think the credit crunch has made it hard to obtain a home loan just multiply by 10 or more when searching for a mobile home loan. Mobile homes can provide affordable housing options but are continually turned down for bank loans leaving sellers and buyers searching for alternative financing solutions. … [Read more...]