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Top 3 Seller Financing Myths

With the economy and real estate markets on the decline seller financing is on the increase.  The installment sale is being pulled out of the toolbox as an alternative financing method to conventional loans. As the owner financing method becomes a frequent topic among real estate agents, investors, and discussion boards there are inevitably some misconceptions being perpetuated. These three myths seem to continually reoccur: … [Read more...]

Gain Privacy and Protection with Land Trusts-Part 1

Not everyone wants to be a public figure! Privacy and protection can be easily accomplished with the use of a land trust. … [Read more...]

Partials – The Secret Weapon to Underwater Mortgages

Almost 1 in 5 owe more than homes are worth, screams the headline from Time Magazine. Across the nation declining property values are creating negative equity with some hard hit areas like Las Vegas reporting a 1 in 2 chance of being underwater with a mortgage in excess of property value. Mortgage lenders are reeling from increased delinquencies and mounting losses as borrowers opt to just walk away.  While the seller-financed industry is not immune, it does have a secret weapon for dealing … [Read more...]

Lease Option or Seller Finance?

When a real estate market turns soft the property marketing ads become peppered with offers to lease option and owner finance. Most property owners understand the seller’s market has quickly turned to a buyer’s market requiring them to think creatively and consider concessions. … [Read more...]

Real Deal #152 – Owner Financing Mixed Use Property

Welcome to Real Deals!  It’s always easier to learn from real life so here we share information from actual owner financed transactions. When a property is used for both commercial and residential purposes it can be difficult to obtain traditional financing.  Owner financing provided an alternative to the traditional mortgage loan on this mixed-use property in Oklahoma. … [Read more...]

Need to Move a Property? Consider Owner Financing!

When a property isn’t selling most real estate agents are quick to suggest a reduction to the sales price.  It is common to see the tag line “Price Reduced” added to for sale signs, listings and ads. Rather than reducing price it pays to consider offering owner financing to sell a property quickly. … [Read more...]