Building a Winning Cash Flow Business Website Video

note business website videoWondering what makes a winning website for the cash flow business?

Watch this video walk-through to answer these important questions for finding cash flow notes online:

  • Why should I bother with having a website?
  • What is the best engine for running a site?
  • What should my website say?
  • How do I get potential cash flow note sellers to contact me?
  • Where can I find an affordable website for my cash flow business?
  • How can I keep control and update my site?

Looking for more information?

Click Here To View Demo Websites shown in the video. When the link opens just click on any of the photos or site names to demo each website live.

Click Here For Details on Note Business Websites under $400.  You can have a turn-key website up and running in as little as 48-72 hours!


  1. Alex Saleeby says

    The video link does not seem to work anymore. Are the note buying websites no longer being offered?

  2. James Staples V says

    I would really like to get one asap!!!

  3. I’d like to know if I buy 2 sites, will you give me a discount? Also, are the articles that are on the sample sites included? Where can I continue to get consistent articles?

    • Hello Lamont, Thanks for your interest in the Note Buyer Sites. Yes the articles on the sample sites are included! We have add-on services for future articles that are optional and customized to your needs. I will give you a call to discuss this and discounts on multiple sites.

  4. I’m interested in speaking with you about a project I’ve been working on that involves selller financing. I think your program is exactly what I need as it seems to have everything needed to putseller financing into place, but I have several questions. Is there a contact number or email where I can voice my questions and concerns to you directly and get answers before I move forward? Thank you, Dominic

    • Hello Dominic! You are welcome to give us a call at 1-888-999-7905 or you can email using info[@] (Just take out the [] which I put there to avoid any computer generated spam). We look forward to speaking wit you and answering any questions.

      Tracy Z. Rewey

  5. The websites are wonderful…I bought the cash flow program is the websites included?

    • Hello Kim! The Finding Cash Flow Notes Training provides content, articles, and tips for creating your own great website. Our goal is to keep the training training very affordable so people can receive all the information they need at one low price (currently $297).

      After providing the training, we had quite a few people that didn’t want to build their own site or had troubles finding a reasonably priced web designer. They came to us looking for suggestions and in response we decided to offer this option at These are available at the additional setup price of (currently $347) with the first 12 months of hosting free (less than $10 per month thereafter). There are additional hard costs we incur in providing the sites including premium WordPress themes, photo licensing, web programming, and hosting so are unable to provide as part of the training. We still feel it is a great value and very competitive for what most web design teams are charging for a turnkey site with over 20 pages, custom online forms, and full control to you…the site owner.

  6. These websites look very professional – I will be deciding on which theme would be best for me.

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