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Personal Profit Series: Notes – Personal Profit Series: Notes is the most comprehensive note program in the industry.

Developed by well-known experts, Fred Rewey and Tracy Z. Rewey, it is backed by their 30+ years of combined experience buying and brokering notes.

Uncover the tools that, formerly, only years of experience could develop! The Temporary Seller Financing, Buy Full-Sell Short, Split Payment Partial, and the Buy Wholesale-Sell Retail on Easy Terms strategies are just a few of the powerful secret weapons used by the pros. Master these techniques to invest in notes with little to no money of your own AND earn a fee at closing!

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* Step-by-Step Manual (over 475 pages in PDF format)
* Real Life Case Studies
* Proven Marketing Methods
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This Series is for YOU!A 475 page "How To" manual filled Forms, Case Studies, and ready-to-go Marketing Materials. It is Your Complete Money Making System to Buying, Referring, Creating, and Holding Real Estate Notes (Retail Price $149.95) that you get for only $97.47!

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* Bonus 1: The 2010 Funder Directory has the names and contact information of today’s top note buyers and service providers.

This directory alone could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars when you go to sell a note. 2010 Directory of Owner Financed Note Buyers and Service Providers ($39.95 Value)

* Bonus 2: The time has arrived to remove the cloak of mystery surrounding selling or brokering notes. There are simple truths surrounding owner-financed notes that should be revealed.

Too many people leave money on the table through lack of information. Worse yet, others prey on that lack of knowledge.

Whether a note seller, buyer, broker, investor, real estate agent, or cash flow consultant, we can all benefit from knowledge and straightforward answers.
21 Insider Secrets You Must Know Before Selling an Owner Financed Note ($29.95 Value)

* Bonus 3: Our personal script for Reverse Ad Marketing. This method relies on your time instead of your dollars and is a great way to start referral-based marketing. ($24.95 value)

* Bonus 4: Our personal direct mail letter. In direct mail, most marketers are happy with a response rate of one-half of a percent (0.5%). This letter received an amazing 2.7 percent response rate and uses a handbook! ($24.95 value)

* Bonus 5: Our personal criteria for running a direct mail campaign. Includes where we buy names and list selection criteria (size, seasoning, area, etc).($19.95 value)

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