Buy Notes Locally or Nationally?

Every once in a while someone expresses this concern, “I don’t want to limit myself by only trying to find and buy notes in my own town…I want to make sure my marketing is global.” We certainly understand not wanting to limit yourself. For the most part, the market has changed. The Internet has taken many businesses to a global level of competition – but not all business. Some industries are still very personal and selling a mortgage note is not like buying a television off eBay. Any … [Read more...]

How to Build a Note Business Website in 7 Steps

Why do you need a website for your note business? There are over 239 million users online making up 77% of the US population according to Internet Word Stats – and that number is only growing! With potential customers online there are great reasons for note buyers and note brokers to build a website. Your site will … [Read more...]