Note Business Holiday Giveaway


Note Business Holiday GiftsWe Are Giving Away One Note Present Each Day For The Next 12 Days!

And there are TWO WAYS you can win…

Step One – Add your email below to gain one entry.

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Step Two – Add a comment or question about the note business to the bottom of this page. Each day that you enter a comment or question, you gain an additional entry! Up to one entry per day.

List of Winners and Prizes…

December 1 – Michael Murray21 Insider Secrets / Note Buyer Directory

December 2 – Wayne Wright – 21 Insider Secrets / Note Buyer Directory

December 3 – Allen Robinson – 21 Insider Secrets / Note Buyer Directory

December 4 – Bankim PatelPersonal Profit Series: Notes

December 5 – Jay Martin – Personal Profit Series: Notes

December 6 – Richard Garcia – Personal Profit Series: Notes

December 7 – Howard FreemanFULL ACCESS – Finding Cash Flow Notes Training

December 8 – Lisa Nesbit – FULL ACCESS – Finding Cash Flow Notes Training

December 9 – Tracy Day – FULL ACCESS – Finding Cash Flow Notes Training

December 10 – Mike StollComplete Turnkey Note Business Website w/ 6 Months Hosting!

December 11 – Ken Lawrence – Complete Turnkey Note Business Website w/ 6 Months Hosting!

December 12 – Bill Cody – GRAND PRIZE (EVERYTHING!) 21 Secrets/Note Buyer Directory, Training Access, PPS: Notes, Complete Note Website w/ 6 Months Hosting!

Each day we will list the previous day’s winner! – Good Luck!

*Fine Print: Items will be awarded via random drawing. We reserve the right to substitute prizes in the event a winner has already purchased an item. Website winners will receive a completely built site (and 6 months of free hosting) – after which time they may either continue with hosting or cancel account. Winners of the Finding Cash Flow Notes Training will receive course access for a period of 12 months. Sorry, but these prizes can not be substituted for cash or refunds.

Thanks for making 2011 a great year for the note business!

We look forward to working with you in 2012!


  1. Fred & Tracy
    Like Jim Cramer of Mad Money says: BOOYAH BACK AT YA!!!!!!!!!!, Im so happy that I won the Grand Prize, first the book now this Im going to start 2012 with the biggest bang ever!
    Im at work now and Im responding on my ipad when I was checking my email and I saw I won now I cant wait to get home to start my website, so I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and a profitable 2012 and thank you again for the Finding Notes Program and this giveaway.
    I will let you know when my website is up and running.

  2. Valerie Lowe says

    I guess I’m a late comer to this whole give away! I had no idea this was going on until I looked at my e-mails tonight. I’ve been so busy as a home school mom, today was the end of the quarter testing. I’m formerly a note business student of Dalby and got really turned off when I was left hanging. I’ve been interested in the note investor business for a couple of years. but have not done anything with it because I need more training. Stumbling upon your website was a wonderful find! Since I’m a mom at home it’s not easy to come up with the resources for your wonderful courses. I’m a beginner and need to start from scratch. Any suggestions on how to start again? Any introductory materials?

    It looks like you have a great program, I’m impressed. Who knows maybe I could get in as a winner!:) That would be a blessing! May the coming new year hold more great things for you guys! Best regards to everyone.

  3. Happy Holidays to you all and have a very prosperous New Year!
    Don’t forget to visit my new website that I got from Fred and Tracy

  4. I am in the process of assisting in a Seller Finance contract. In the process of reviewing the numbers with the Seller, there was something not quite right with the proposed deal. It was when reviewing my new web site (new service provided by Fred & Tracy) I found an informative section on Buyer qualification regarding the Income and Debt rules. With this knowledge I was able to provide the Seller with additional options.
    The information Fred and Tracy provide has been a great help and provided me with a wealth of knowledge not found anywhere else on the Web. I have also recommended this site to a number of colleagues who are active in this business as well as others who are also considering to enter this business.
    Thank you again.

  5. Your services are above and beyond what other sites offer and you provide real factual useful information. Great Job.

  6. Lisa Nesbit says

    The final day! I know we’re all hoping to win the Grand Prize! Good luck everyone!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. I have a friend that works at a title company, can he give me names of people who have done seller financing?

    • Hello Sig,
      Yes, absolutely. I worked for a title company when I was fresh out of high school and that was one of my jobs. A local note buyer had us pull a list of all seller financed recordings and send to him every month. You can also find this information online in many counties or purchase from a good list provider.

  8. Note Investor is my site to get all the info and training I need.

  9. Dwight brown says

    Whats the best way to market. Ads or direct mail?

    • Direct mail to a targeted list of note holders will get better results than ads. Avoid expensive classified ads, the only ones worth considering are free or inexpensive local want ad type papers. Don’t forget networking for referrals too. That’s one of the most cost effective ways to market. For more information check out the article and video links through How Can I Find Cash Flow Notes!

  10. Well this is the final day I hope I win the website so I can jump start my note business big in 2012!!!

  11. Make it a GREAT start to the new year and hopefully win your final prize. Your support in the note business keeps me going and I look forward to up to date information!!

  12. Dear Fred and Tracy,

    I can not thank you both enough for all the hard work you two have put into Finding Notes web site. You have managed to answer questions that I have had just as I was having them through your articles and emails.

    I am looking forward to a great 2012. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I will see you both next year.

  13. Lisa Nesbit says

    I already own a domain name, but after reading your marketing tips for websites, I’m reconsidering my selection. Thanks for the longer-term views and suggestions about what I may need down the road.

  14. I hope to win the website it would make my note training package complete since I have everything else and it would make a great christmas gift

  15. Mark Limitt says

    Team, Thank you for putting this program together, it is made for all sizes investors. Full time and Part time. Education at your your fingertips, in your timeframe, A.M. P.M.

    Educational learning is 65% Visual 30% Audible 5% Kinesthetic Your program is giving the majority of people a level playing field educating them in the note business with all your “Visual” Videos you have. Looking forward to working closer with your team in the future. Keep moving forward.
    Happy Holidays
    Thank you

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