Buy Notes Locally or Nationally?

Marketing To Buy NotesEvery once in a while someone expresses this concern,

“I don’t want to limit myself by only trying to find and buy notes in my own town…I want to make sure my marketing is global.”

We certainly understand not wanting to limit yourself. For the most part, the market has changed. The Internet has taken many businesses to a global level of competition – but not all business. Some industries are still very personal and selling a mortgage note is not like buying a television off eBay.

Any business that deals with helping someone make a financial decision needs finesse, trust, and professionalism.

Should you market your note business globally (or at least across the entire United States)?

Let’s break this down a couple of ways.

1. Local Is Better.

People selling a cash flow note want to deal with someone local. They will deal long distance if either the price is considerably better or they don’t trust the person they found locally.

2. Big Fish, Small Pond.

It is much better to build up a solid reputation locally and expand your business than it is to try to go into lots of places without any experience or references.

3. You Really Have All You Need.

Chances are, you have plenty of notes right in your own back yard…you just don’t know it yet. Network with Realtors, Bankers, Probate Attorneys, CPA’s, Title Agents, etc – anyone that might see a Real Estate transaction. Get the word out on how you can help.

4. Budget

Many people spread themselves too thin trying to go after too big of a radius. Let’s face it, marketing costs money. Sure there are cheaper forms than others, but even a postcard campaign can really add up if you are trying to go all over the place.

In my opinion, #4 is probably one of the biggest issues. Remember, you can always “expand” your business as needed.

This issue also comes up when people are creating a website for their note business. They are afraid they seem too “local” when the Internet is so global. Keep in mind that many of the search engines, Google included, are going to a model that is serving up search results on a local level whenever possible.

At the end of the day, if you look like a strong business in your own city/county/state, you will still get business from other areas of the country too.

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  1. William West says

    I think that the problem with starting a cash flow note broker business is the fact that it can be over-whelming at first. Often times you get very anxious when you see the income potential of each sector of the cash flow note business.

    I’ve seen few people comment on the fact that they started out with “one” sector and built up the ability to dive into other sectors. Though, if the vision is to hit several different sectors at one time is the goal, doing so can cause you to question your budget level. To be able to buy lists, send letters, get search engine inquiry hits and other forms of marketing for each sector you’re working, money can become thin and possibly cause you to fail before you even get your feet wet.

    I think the discussion of budgeting should extend to working one sector and marketing that sector until you are able to expand your reach and marketing level.
    Even if you do have the budget to market multiple sectors, the time to spend on each one has to organized and let’s face it, most of the new note brokers that are starting this business are not really ready or don’t truly know how to organize their business for mutiple sectors and marketing strategies.

    I could be wrong though…..

    • Hello William! You make a really valid point. Each marketing method or sector takes consistency and dedicated effort. It’s better to pick one and stick with it and expand efforts from there. It’s for a similar reason we encourage people to start locally and then increase their coverage.

      Thanks for commenting and reading at

      Tracy Z. Rewey

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