Let’s Be Brutally Honest About Real Estate Notes

There is a difference between being honest and being brutally honest. For example, if I ask my wife if my new sweatshirt makes my gut look big, an honest answer might be “Kinda”. A brutally honest answer would be “No, your gut makes your gut look big.” As someone who has taken literally thousands of phone calls from note holders, I’ve always been honest, but I’ve never been brutally honest, until today. … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Note Buyer Offer

When it comes to buying and selling mortgage notes the seller and note broker want the same thing… the best possible price! That makes it tempting to blast out a quote request worksheet to every note investor in the directory. But wait! Consider the flip side before you hit that send button. … [Read more...]

Investing in Real Estate Notes: Transitioning from Note Broker to Note Investor

Have you ever thought of buying and holding a real estate note for yourself instead of brokering it to an end investor? I strongly encourage you to do so as it can be a rewarding path in the note business. I initially began brokering notes in 2005 and in 2007/2008 made the transition from note broker to note investor. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind if you are looking to begin investing in notes to hold for yourself. … [Read more...]

Note Brokers Make Money with Monterey’s Consumer Finance Program

You buy real estate contracts but have you worked with retail installment contracts? Read our exclusive interview to discover how note brokers are working with Monterey's Consumer Finance Program to make money in the cash flow business. … [Read more...]

Cash Flow Notes and 500,000 Motorcycles?

What does the world’s largest motorcycle rally have to do with cash flow notes? Absolutely nothing! Sometimes even note buyers need some R and R. So after riding 1300 miles (no trailers allowed) this week’s edition of Note Investor is coming to you from Sturgis, South Dakota. … [Read more...]

Find Cash Flow Notes – 3 List Building Strategies

Contacting note holders offering to pay cash for note payments is a winning cash flow business marketing strategy. But how do you create a list of people interested in selling cash flow notes? … [Read more...]


A friend keeps you from making poor decisions, is there in your times of need, and can be a good source of information. Based on this criteria, I consider the internet to be my friend. Yes, the cold, impersonal, most definitely non-human internet has my back. Best thing is, it can and will be your friend, too. … [Read more...]

How to Broker Notes For Residual Income – Real Deal #159

Most cash flow notes are only sold once. That means one deal and one finder’s fee, unless you're lucky enough to find a seller that owner finances again! But that all changes with a partial purchase. Here’s how one note was bought four times in Real Deal #159! … [Read more...]

Non-Performing Real Estate Notes: Trash or Treasure?

A long, long time ago in a kingdom far, far away lived an efficiently-functioning secondary market. Performing real estate notes were bought and sold, commissions were made, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men made a great living and even … [Read more...]

How Much Money Will I Make in the Cash Flow Business?

              It’s a fair question. We find it’s the most popular with someone just starting out with cash flow notes. It’s also the most difficult to answer. Nobody wants to just hear, “Well, that depends.” So here are … [Read more...]