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Will I Have to Sell My Note at a Discount?

The most common question among note sellers is also the one that most new note brokers hope never to hear. Although I cover numerous ways and specific scripts for answering this question in the Finding Cash Flow Notes Training, I want to address it here from a 30,000-foot level. When dealing with the note discount question, remember three important things… 1. “Discount” is not a bad word. Hey, in a perfect world the seller would get 100 cents on the dollars, the note buyer would make a … [Read more...]

Owner Financing, Seller Financing, Dodd Frank, Safe Act, and You!

Tired of hearing about owner financing laws? We share your pain. First the Safe Act had a say on Seller Financing and then the Dodd Frank Act. Why the government would want to slow the housing rebound further by putting stringent restrictions on seller financing - one of the few alternatives to bank financing available in today's struggling  economy - is beyond us. And it's not over yet. Government agencies are still sorting through how to implement portions of the laws affecting both … [Read more...]

Note Broker Marketing With Note Appraisals

Just What is a Note Appraisal and How Can it Help My Note Broker Business? I just finished up an Opinion of Value for a real estate note down in South Florida. It was the second request for a fee based note appraisal in the past several weeks, a service that has been growing in demand. These requests primarily result from our networking efforts and presentations at Real Estate Investment Clubs and Self-Directed Retirement Account educational workshops. Since it is fresh on my mind it seemed … [Read more...]

NoteWorthy Industry Achievement Award Interview

Wondering what it takes to survive in the note business for 20 years? Read our interview with NoteWorthy Newsletter! Fred and I have been going through work and personal items in an attempt to control the ever growing amount of "stuff".  While sorting through the memories there were a few definite keepers.  One of these was the plaque I was honored to receive from Jon Richards, founder of the NoteWorthy Newsletter.  The inscription reads: INDUSTRY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Hereby bestowed this … [Read more...]

Russ Dalbey’s Winning in the Cash Flow Business In FTC Lawsuit

The FTC and Colorado Attorney General have filed a complaint against Russ Dalbey for allegedly defrauding consumers with his "Winning in the Cash Flow Business" system. You may have seen the TV infomercials with Dalbey claiming people could make big sums of money as a note broker in three easy steps... Find 'Em, List 'Em, and Make Money... in just minutes a day. The claims were backed by testimonials from students that are also being questioned.  The courts are seeking an order to stop any … [Read more...]

The State of the Note Business

Owner Financed Note Business Increases 56% since 2008! Why the big jump? More importantly, where is the opportunity for note brokers and note buyers? Call it a mini “State of the Note Industry” if you … [Read more...]

Note Business Success in Five Words

We are often asked, "How can I make it in the note business?" That usually prompts us to ask a couple of questions to understand what, specifically, they mean by the question. Some people want to … [Read more...]

Selling Mortgage Notes – Mortgage Donation Or Write Off?

Someone wants to sell their mortgage note but they haven't received payments for a year, are in second position, or facing foreclosure. They need help but what can be done? Here is an option for non performing mortgage notes you might not have heard about...donating to charity.  Our guest author works with a non profit organization with a unique solution to defaulted notes. (Editor's Note: This article is not intended as legal or tax advice.  Please seek the assistance of a competent … [Read more...]

Should I Use a Full or Partial When Selling Mortgage Notes?

There are many options when selling owner-financed mortgage notes. How many options will be largely dictated by a note buyer’s underwriting components, such as seasoning on the note, down payment, equity, and the payer’s credit. You can usually sell the entire note, but perhaps just selling a specific number of payments is your best option. Deciding on whether to sell the full balance of the mortgage note or to consider a partial really comes down to three things. 3 Questions When Selling … [Read more...]

Note Broker Fees In The Cash Flow Business

How much can a note broker make on a deal? That's the short summary of a cash flow business question we received last week from a Note Broker. It was an earnest inquiry and we wanted to share our answer in this edition of Real Deals! I was just visiting your site and wanted to know what a fair % of cash flow a broker can expect from a performing package deal? There are buyers wanting a performing MHP package I have available with only 2-3 yrs. to maturity and the smaller lender wants to … [Read more...]