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Russ Dalbey Lawsuit FTC Update on Winning in the Cash Flow Business

People seeking refunds from the Russ Dalbey lawsuit may just have been scammed out of money by a different company, according to an update posted by the FTC. (Editor's Note: Information on the Dalbey Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Filing can be found in the update posted at the bottom of this article.) Imagine feeling misled by an infomercial, attempting to get some money back, and losing even more hard earned dollars paid to a company claiming they could get you a refund. Sadly, this is how the … [Read more...]

Note Buyer Interview With Eddie Speed Founder of Note School

Join us as we sit down with Eddie Speed, founder of Note School and author of Streetwise Seller Financing, for this month's Note Buyer Interview. Eddie Speed of Colonial Funding Group has been buying and selling notes for over 30 years and has transacted more than 30,000 deals. To know Eddie is to know a few of his "Eddie-isms". I still remember hearing one of his trademark sayings when first introduced back in the late 1980's.  You see I was helping place funds for a large … [Read more...]

How to Use Google Places for Your Note Business

3 Tips for getting your mortgage note business found online using Google Places and Local Maps. When was the last time you used a phone book? Chances are you’re more likely to use it as a booster seat or doorstop than to look up a business. Online search has quickly replaced the yellow pages. In fact many cities like Seattle are looking at requiring opt-outs for phone book delivery. With about 65% of market share, Google is undoubtedly the “Big Daddy” of search engines and… they’ve just … [Read more...]

5 Myths About the Cash Flow Notes Business

I want to have a very candid conversation about working in the cash flow notes business. Just what it is, how you may be part of it, and some common myths and facts. I have been in the note industry for over 15 years. … [Read more...]

Free Financial Calculator for Cash Flow Notes!

Is the best financial calculator now free? If you struggle with calculating cash flow notes on the HP12C , HP10B, or the Texas Instrument BAII then you will want to check out this great offer! Advanced Seller Data Services (ASDS), a leading provider of marketing lists for seller carried notes, has released a series of free financial tools for note brokers and note buyers. Here's a sneak peak at the power behind these calculators from a recent ASDS press release: Tool #1 - A Financial … [Read more...]

Finding Bad Cash Flow Notes

No one has ever asked us, “How do I find BAD note deals?” The funny part is, that as a note buyer, we see more bad deals than we do good ones. But isn’t that just the nature of the business? Yes, but it doesn’t need to be so. When beginners start in the note business they spend an inordinate amount of time on what we consider “bad” (or at least extremely "challenging”) deals. These are mortgage and trust deeds that will most likely never be purchased. They include things like: … [Read more...]

How Partials Reduce Note Discount When Selling Mortgages

Is the sticker shock just too much when discounting notes? It might be time to consider selling just some of the remaining payments. Note buyers have long used the partial purchase to reduce their exposure or investment risk, but it also has benefits for the seller. You see the time value of money makes payments due now more valuable than those further out in the future. The partial purchase takes advantage of this by letting the seller cash in the most valuable portion – the more … [Read more...]

How to Build MIStrust in the Note Business

Sometimes people just make more work of things than need be, and the note business is no different. I was in the bookstore yesterday. Not looking for anything in particular, but was amazed at the amount of networking books and books in particular about how to build trust among clients and prospects. For me, it seems easier (and more fun), to simply point out the ways you can build MIStrust. Want to be a lousy note broker or note buyer? Here's how to build mistrust among note sellers and … [Read more...]

Buying Mortgage Notes: 7 Tips for Calculating Cash Flow Notes

If you plan on selling or buying mortgage notes the pricing will eventually come down to some important cash flow calculations.  If you get cold chills or high school flash backs thinking about math you can always leave the number crunching to the note buyers. However, I challenge you to get outside your comfort zone and give these exercises a try. Why? Well knowledge is power and you will be able to know if you are getting a fair (or not so fair) deal when selling mortgage notes. … [Read more...]

Sell Mortgage Note to the Payer? What about Me?!

I will never forget the first time I was asked this question by a potential note seller. “Should I offer a discount to the payer before I try selling my note?” I was silent for what seemed like minutes. In reality, it was only a couple of seconds before I replied but during those seconds my mind was racing. Of course I was thinking... “If the note holder makes an offer to the payer; I may never get the deal. Matter of fact, the payer will probably even pay the seller more money than I can … [Read more...]